Euthanasia at home

As we all know, pets are a fundamental part of the family and we don’t want the time to make a decision as complex as that of putting our pet to sleep. The thought of euthanasia is something no pet owner likes to talk about, but unfortunately it is a decision that many owners have to deal with. Taking responsibility for a dignified, peaceful and painless death is the best thing an owner can do for a beloved pet.

Procedures to be followed:

  1. Contact our team through:
  2. Talk to our veterinarians to confirm that your dog or cat is a suitable case to proceed with euthanasia. Make the decision with peace of mind together with our veterinarian. We know it is a very complicated decision and the sacrifice of a pet requires a certain amount of time.
  3. Confirm date and time to proceed with the home euthanasia service.
  4. When the day arrives, our veterinarian will go up to the home, explain to the family how the procedure will be carried out and euthanize the dog.
  5. Once your dog or cat has been put to sleep, our pet mortuary team will go up to your home to pick up your pet and perform the individual cremation or collective cremation service.

Euthanasia of pet at home

Nowadays, many families decide to choose this service to say the last goodbye to their dog or cat at home, together with the family and in a quiet place known to the animal.

Making the decision to euthanize a dog or cat is a very complex situation that unfortunately many families have to live through. The loss of quality of life of pets or the diagnosis of an irreversible cancer are some of the causes that lead to the decision to euthanize.

The fact that your pet stops eating, drinking water, has vomiting, signs of pain, may also be signs that it’s time is coming and in these cases we recommend that you contact our team so that we can assist you and tell you what procedure you have to follow.

When the time comes, at “Su Amor Deja Huella” Pet Funeral Home, we will be at your disposal to assist and accompany you in these delicate moments, which must be treated with the greatest possible empathy.

For any doubts or questions, please write or call us at 613151558 or send us an e-mail to [email protected].

What to do after Euthanasia?

Along life’s journey, those of us who love pets are often faced with heartbreaking decisions, one of the most challenging being euthanasia. This choice, marked by deep love and compassion, plunges us into a sea of questions and emotions. Understanding how to manage the process and what to do after euthanizing a pet can be overwhelming, representing a period of intense grief and reflection. We put ourselves in the shoes of those going through this difficult time, understanding that each step that follows is part of a unique and personal emotional journey. For this reason, here are some tips:

Accept and Process Grief: Home euthanasia is a difficult but compassionate decision to end your pet’s suffering. After euthanasia, it is essential to give yourself time to process the grief. Grief is a personal process and each person experiences it differently. Allow yourself to feel and express your emotions, whether through writing, talking to friends or family, or even seeking professional support. Remember, it is normal and healthy to mourn the loss of your faithful companion.

Create a Meaningful Keepsake: After euthanasia for dogs or for your pet at home, consider creating a keepsake to honor your pet’s life. This can be a framed photo, a scrapbook, or even a small ceremony with family and friends who also shared a bond with your pet. These memories can serve as a tangible comfort and aid in the grieving process by reminding you of the good times shared. At His Love Leaves a Footprint we offer you several options such as a footprint frame or after a pet cremation service, some choose to preserve the ashes of their furry friend in an ashes pendant.

Do you have doubts about euthanasia in pets?

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