Pet Incineration

Pet cremation in Girona is a service that more and more families are choosing for their pets. It is a respectful and dignified way to say goodbye to the pets that for so many years have lived with families and shared so many moments with them.

At the “Su Amor Deja Huella” pet funeral home, we offer the service of collective cremation and individual cremation for those families who want to recover the ashes of their life companions.

Individual Incineration

The individual cremation of a pet consists of burning the body of a companion animal individually and separately from other bodies. This cremation option allows owners to retrieve their pet’s ashes and dispose of them in any way they wish.

For those families who wish, there is also the option of holding the wake at our center.

Pet bodies are placed in an oven specifically designed to burn pet bodies. Burning is performed at high temperatures for a period of time between 1 and 4 hours depending on the characteristics of each pet.

Once the incineration process is completed, the ashes are collected and delivered to the pet’s owners. They may decide to keep the ashes in a container or urn, scatter them in a significant place or perform another type of ceremony to say goodbye to their pet.

Collective Incineration

The collective incineration of a pet consists of burning the body of a companion animal together with other animal bodies. This incineration option is more economical than individual cremation, as it allows sharing the costs of the crematory and the incineration process.

Once the incineration process has been completed, the ashes are mixed and scattered at a specific location. Pet owners cannot retrieve the ashes of their pets, as they have been mixed with the ashes of other animals.

The collective cremation of a pet is an economical option to say goodbye to a companion animal. However, it does not allow owners to retrieve their pet’s ashes or perform any type of personalized ceremony.

Individual Incineration vs Collective Incineration Prices

Prices for individual and collective pet incineration in Girona may vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the animal, the distance of collection and the additional services contracted. In general, individual cremation is usually more expensive than collective cremation.

The price of individual cremation varies between 230 € and 360 €. *possibility of splitting the payment

The price of collective cremation varies between €50 and €160.

When the time comes, at the
Pet Funeral Home “Su Amor Deja Huella”, we will be at your disposal to assist and accompany you in these delicate moments.
we will be at your disposal to assist and accompany you in these delicate moments, which must be treated with the greatest possible empathy.

For any doubts or questions, please write or call us at 613151558 or send us an e-mail to [email protected].

Taking care of our pets until the end: Tanatorio de Mascotas Girona

What are Girona pet mortuaries?

Girona pet mortuaries are spaces specifically designed to provide funeral and cremation services to pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge. These establishments are committed to the welfare and respect for pets and their families, offering a warm and welcoming environment where the memory of our beloved pets can be honored.

Services available at Girona pet mortuaries:

  • Intimate and respectful wake services: Girona pet mortuaries have adequate facilities for intimate wakes. These spaces allow family and friends to say goodbye to their pets in a calm and serene environment.
  • Counseling and emotional support: The team of professionals working at these mortuaries understands how painful it can be to lose a pet. Therefore, they offer compassionate emotional support and counseling during the grieving process.
  • Individual or collective cremation: Girona pet morgues offer the option of individual or collective cremations, depending on the owners’ preferences. In the case of individual cremations, it is guaranteed that the ashes delivered correspond exclusively to the deceased pet.
  • Wide variety of urns and memorial keepsakes: For those wishing to keep their pets’ ashes, Girona pet mortuaries offer a wide selection of customizable urns and memorial keepsakes. These objects allow us to keep alive the memory of our beloved pets.
  • Home pick-up services: Some Girona pet mortuaries offer home pick-up services, providing comfort and relief in times of grief and sadness.
  • Euthanasia of pets: Some pet crematoriums in Barcelona also offer this service so that the last goodbye is at home with their loved ones and in a quiet place for the pet.

Losing a pet is a heartbreaking experience, and having the right support can make a significant difference during the grieving process. Girona pet mortuaries strive to provide a respectful, warm and compassionate service, allowing families to pay a final tribute to their faithful companions. These spaces are committed to the well-being of our pets, ensuring that their legacy of love and affection will live on in our hearts forever.

At Su Amor deja huella we offer pet cremation services throughout Spain. We know how delicate and hard these moments are and that’s why we would like to say goodbye to your furry friend the way he deserves it. We offer cremation services in BarcelonaTarragonaLleidaMadridSevilleMurciaValencia  Zaragoza, Asturias , Alicante , Bilbao y Almeria We are working to reach other parts of Spain in the near future.

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