What is individual pet cremation?

As many of you already know, nowadays pets are found in many homes throughout the country and for many of us they are considered as another member of the family.

Just as we say goodbye to our loved ones, many families want to say goodbye to their pets.

Perhaps, for many families, this is a service they were unaware of or, when the time came, did not know they could count on. Our mission is to make the service known to the families so that they know that from now on they can enjoy it and that we are at their disposal for the management of this complicated moment.

Individual incineration refers to the incineration of a single pet in the furnace so that the ashes of our clients’ pets can be recovered.

Once the individual incineration is completed, the ashes are placed in an urn and delivered to the pet’s family members.

What is included in the individual cremation service?

  1. Urn.
  2. Frame with Footprint.
  3. Certificate of incineration of the pet.

For our individual cremation service rates, please consult our cremation prices page.

In case you are interested in contracting our individual cremation services for a pet, please do not hesitate to contact the pet morgue by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 613 15 15 58. Our team will be at your disposal.

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