What to do when your cat dies?

The loss of a cat is a painful time for any feline lover. Our cats become part of our family and bring us companionship, love and joy. When we face the departure of our beloved cat, it is important to know how to deal with the situation and what steps to take to say goodbye with the respect and love it deserves. In this article, we will explore what to do when your cat dies, including how to deal with its loss at home and options for its final resting place, including the possibility of burying it at home. We will also discuss the cremation option provided by "Su Amor Deja Huella" Pet Funeral Home, a company dedicated to providing respectful funeral services for pets.

What to do when your cat dies at home?

Losing a cat in the home can be an emotional and challenging experience. It is essential to take steps to ensure that our beloved furry friend receives the respect and care he or she deserves at this time:

Can I bury my cat at home?

Burying your cat at home may be an option for owners who wish to provide an up-close and personal final resting place. However, before making this decision, it is important to know the local regulations and verify if it is allowed to bury pets on your property. In most towns within Spain this method is not allowed. If the home burial option is not possible, there are pet cemeteries where you can honor your cat with dignity and respect.

What to do with a dead cat?

When faced with the death of our cat, questions may arise about what to do next. It is essential to make informed and respectful decisions:

  1. Home burial or pet cemetery: If possible and permitted in your locality, you may choose to bury your cat at home, providing an intimate and special place for your cat. Otherwise, consider a pet cemetery, where you can visit and honor your cat in a dedicated space.

  2. Cremation at “Su Amor Deja Huella” Pet Funeral Home:
    Cremation is an increasingly common option for those who want a respectful and dignified process for their pets. Su Amor Deja Huella” Pet Funeral Home is a company that provides individual cremation services for cats and other pets. If you wish to contact them, you can do so by e-mail at [email protected] or by calling 613151558.
  3. Emotional support: The loss of a cat can be devastating, and it is normal to feel grief and sadness. Seek support from friends, family or support groups to share your feelings and process the loss.
  4. Memories and tributes: Keep special mementos of your cat, such as photographs or objects that belonged to him. Also, a nice way to remember him or her is through an urn and pet jewelry. Consider a tribute or farewell ritual to help you honor his memory.

When faced with the loss of our cat, it is important to know what to do when your cat dies and what to do with a dead cat. It is relevant to consider options such as home burial, cremation or pet cemetery. If you opt for cremation, “Su Amor Deja Huella” Pet Funeral Home offers respectful services to say goodbye to your cat with love and dignity.


The loss of a cat is a painful time for any animal lover. Knowing how to deal with the situation and making respectful decisions are fundamental aspects of this process. Whether choosing a suitable resting place or opting for cremation through “Su Amor Deja Huella” Pet Funeral Home, the most important thing is to remember the love and the moments shared with our beloved cat. The departure of a pet is a difficult time, but with the right support, we can honor their memory and keep their love in our hearts.

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