6 summer safety tips for happy dogs

The only way to make sunbathing more comfortable is to sunbathe with your furry best friend. Dogs love to be outside no matter what the weather, but when it’s hot and sunny, they need extra attention. Imagine what it would do to a furry dog if it were hot. If you and your dog are already planning a full summer, here are six safety tips to keep your dog happy all season long.

1. Give plenty of water

During the warmer months, keep your dog hydrated with a fresh water bowl, both indoors and outdoors. Dogs, like humans, need extra water not only to keep their body temperature down, but also to aid digestion and grease their joints. Other ways to keep your dog hydrated are to play under a fountain or offer snacks such as ice cream, ice cubes or seedless watermelon.

2. Practice swimming pool with care

If you are lucky enough to have a pool, your dog will love it too. The pool is a fun way for your dog to stay calm. First of all, don’t let your dog in the pool when you’re not around. If the pool was installed by a reputable pool builder, ask about installing fencing. Be sure to take your dog to the pool so he can get in and out easily and not drink water. If your dog is not a good swimmer, wear a life jacket and enjoy playing in the water.

3. Keep the dog comfortable in the car

Responsible dog owners know that leaving a pet unattended in a hot car can result in a death sentence. If you walk your dog when the temperature is high, keep him comfortable. Make sure the air conditioning is turned on so that you do not get into shortness of breath due to the high temperatures. Ideally, you should only walk your dog in the car if you can get out of the car when you arrive at your destination.

4. Check your dog for ticks

Warm weather means scary critters, and that can be bad news for your dog. If you live in a rural area or hike with your dog, check for ticks daily. Run your fingers through the dog’s coat and paws looking for lumps. Also, don’t forget to check the neck and under the ears. If you find a tick, try to remove it or, if necessary, take it to the veterinary center for removal.

5. Create a pet-friendly garden

If you enjoy gardening, be sure to use pet-friendly plants. Dogs are curious and can get inside anything when you’re not looking. Common garden flowers that can be toxic to dogs include lily of the valley, rhododendrons, daisies, hydrangeas and rhododendrons. Make sure your plants and flowers are safe before you buy. Remember that gardening chemicals, such as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and cocoa bean mulch, are very dangerous.

6. Pay attention to your puppy’s paws.

If you’ve ever walked barefoot down a driveway, you know how it burns, so imagine the effect it will have on your pup’s paws!Also, don’t walk your dog on the sidewalk during the hottest times of the day. If pets are welcome, choose a grassy area or wear special dog shoes. The pavement will help harden your dog’s nails, but wait until it cools down.

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